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My name is Gaithri, I’m 26 years old and have been working in the field of marketing, SEO, SMM and content creation since 2014. Marketing is a huge passion for me and it has introduced me to people from every walk of life and even presented me with friends along the way. Here you can read about the various services that I offer, and also find my blog. If you want to get a more personal insight into my life.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions regarding my services, skills and how I can tailor them to fit your needs/ price request.

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Welcome to Gaithri's Life

I am a freelancing content creator, digital marketer, graphic design and SEO expert. I work with clients from every corner of the world on all kinds of various projects. I don't work for my clients, I work with them. My goal is to help you take your business to the next level by implementing the right marketing strategies that work for you. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation and together we will be business partners and friends!

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    SMM or Social Media Marketing is just as it suggests marketing using your Social Media channels. 
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    A landing page can be described as a "website" with a single page that targets one specific area.
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    Content creation includes writing blog posts, posts for Social Media, articles - any written content basically.
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