December is here

Published on: 02 December 2014
By gaithrislife
So November has come and gone, and now December has rolled around, which means that the countdown ’til Christmas has commenced 😀 Every year I get SO excited for Christmas, despite me not being a Christian I still love everything about Christmas. The lights, food, the tree obviously, presents (although those are quite trivial), spending time with loved ones (mucho importante), making snowmen, ice skating, drinking hot chocolate, preferably in front of an open fire. I just love December and the preparations for Christmas. The only “bad” part is the Christmas shopping. It’s so stressful…. And expensive! But it’s always nice to see the excitement of your loved ones open up gifts that you’ve put so much thought into. I think it’s just as exciting to give as it is to receive. December will be fun I hope. I’m excited to see what this month has in store for me. I’m awaiting 2015 with anticipation. The new year will be a new start for me (as is every new year. Right?!). Anywaaaaaay. We’ll talk soon. xxx Gaithri

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