Wedding Preparations: Part I and summary of a Friday

Published on: 21 December 2014
By gaithrislife
So this past Friday (December 19th) I went to get my eyebrows done professionally for the first time. It wasn’t anything too extravagant, all she did was pluck and dye them. I am very happy with the result though. I was afraid the color would come out too dark, but it still looks really natural, which was important to me. Yay!! No more filling in my eyebrows for me, (for a few weeks anyway).

The place I went to is called Salong GK, and is located on Folkungagatan in Stockholm. I don’t know what the cost for the session would’ve been normally (according to their website it would have cost at least around 400 SEK, but since it was a deal I snagged on Groupon I think I ended up spending 99 SEK. I think that was a pretty awesome deal).

After my appointment I went home for a quick lunch, then I wrapped the one Christmas present I’ve bought so far. I will be buying the rest of them in a panic on Tuesday… After that I went off to work for two hours (tuition), then I went home to one of my best friends Tess/Täzz to swap Christmas gifts (a yearly tradition that we’ve done for as long as I can remember). After that I was invited over for dinner at another friend’s place where an amazing Christmas feast awaited me. YUM!!! I could stuff my face with the food now actually… I ended my evening by meeting up with one of my oldest, and best friends Anastasia as well as some of her friends for a session of pool, which may I point out I am TERRIBLE at. I’m the person who shoots the white ball off the table, oops. Although I must say I wasn’t too terrible on Friday, and even managed to score some points.. On another note: I can’t believe it’s nearly CHRISTMAS I’m ssssoooooo excited!!!!  xxx Gaithri
Maybe you can’t see a lot in the picture, but I swear there is a difference. #nomakeupselfie

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