• Mingling with Swedish celebs and job interview

    In January 2015 By gaithrislife
    Sometimes life is full of surprises..On Monday evening my dad and I managed to get into the after party of the premiere of the new Jönsson Ligan movie which was held at Golden Hits on Kungsgatan in Stockholm. Since it was an event with local celebrities they of course had an open bar and buffet..My dad […]
  • Wedding preparations part 2 & 3 and NYE 2014/2015

    In January 2015 By gaithrislife
    What the hell happened?! We’ve entered a new year again. It scares me a little bit, how 2014 flew by in the blink of an eye. What?! Anyway I hope everyone had an amazing New Years Eve, mine was EPIC!! How could it not be when my best friend got married and I was a brides […]