• Summer lovin’

    In February 2015 By gaithrislife
         If a fake flower crown and gelato isn’t a sign of summer, I don’t know what is.. I absolutely love Stockholm as a city – it’s absolutely gorgeous, but now I’m more then ready for summer. Stockholm is definitely a summer city, as long as it doesn’t rain. HAHA. I’m extra excited for this summer […]
  • The story of Paperchase

    In February 2015 By gaithrislife
    …And man has it been a chase…So a few weeks prior to New Years Eve I placed an order on the Paperchase website. In case you’re not familiar with Paperchase they make the most beautiful stationary the human eye has ever seen. Literally. I ordered a calender/planner/agenda/whateveryoucallit for 2015 for myself and a gorgeous wedding […]