• Meet up and making new friends

    In March 2015 By gaithrislife
    On Wednesday night there was an AW event at a bar/restaurant here in Södermalm for 20 somethings. I found out about the event through a website called, which is a website/app where you can join different groups according to your interests and then there are various events/meet ups that are organized. It’s a fun […]
  • Look at the stars…

    In March 2015 By gaithrislife
    A couple of weeks ago my best friend M and I went to get tattoos together for the second time (it was her third tattoo). I had been dreaming about getting this qoute somewhere on my body for a long  time, and I finally did! I just love this qoute and of course I’m a massive […]
  • A bracelet with a message

    In March 2015 By gaithrislife
    One of my best friends Tess (Therese) gave me this bracelet for Christmas, and I absolutely love it .The concept is pretty much the same as the “Fuck Cancer” bracelets where the money that is raised from those bracelets goes to Cancer research, a great cause if you ask me!Mine is personalized and says “Stay Strong”. […]