Coffee with my aunt, bumping into the ex and planning a trip to the city of Big Ben, Parliament and The Queen

Published on: 07 April 2015
By gaithrislife
Sometimes one single day can turn into a whirlwind.Yesterday I spontaneously decided to grab a coffee and catch up with my “aunt”. She’s the mother to my two older cousins and was married to my uncle (dad’s younger brother), but they have been divorced for a number of years now. The last time I saw her was on Christmas and before that it was around Halloween.             I first met my aunt as a scrawny little four year old when she got together with my uncle. Unfortunately when they got divorced, there was almost this unwritten “rule”, that I was no longer allowed  to see her, which made me sad because I always had a very tight bond with her, and I’m not one to pick sides or cut someone off because a marriage falls apart..             Whilst having coffee outside (she’s a smoker), who do I see walking towards the metro station? My ex boyfriend…. I have not seen him since mid August (when we broke up), and to be quite frank with you bumping into him has been something I’ve had major anxiety over. Not because I don’t like him (I still care about him very much as a person), but because I had no idea how I would react or how he would react. Seeing as we both live in the same city I guess it was inevitable for us to run into each other sooner or later. It was tense at first, but after a while we both eased up a bit and talked, updated each other on what’s been going on in our lives. It was nice to see him again, but also a bit strange because he was almost like a stranger to me although we were a couple for over half a decade! But on to a more happy note..For the past few weeks my friend Fiona and I have been planning a trip to London come June. We’ll be going for a long weekend, either three or four nights. We haven’t booked yet so we’ll see what happens, but I am SO EXCITED!!!!! I have been to London a few times before, but never with friends so I’m excited to check out the nightlife and do all the fun tourist-y things that the older generation may not be as keen on (like Harry Potter tour at Leavesden Studios), and of course the SHOPPING!! I’ve never taken a trip with Fiona before, so I’m excited to explore London with her and enjoy a few days of relaxation and exploration.  We are also talking about taking the train to the city of love a.k.a Paris! I haven’t been there since I was eight years old and my parents almost gave me a heart attack by surprising me with a trip to Disney Land (every little girl’s dream) on our roadtrip from Stockholm-Lissbon. So I’m excited to explore the wonders of Paris as an adult. We might go to the Louvre and of course we will buy and indulge in macaroons, baguettes, coffee, champagne and strawberries and have a romantic picnic for two by the Eiffel Tower.  Of course I will take you guys a long with me on the ride. Can’t wait! xxx Gaithri 
Having lunch by Djurg√•rden with Fiona almost two years ago. Crazy how time flies..  

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