• This summer’s gonna hurt like a mother fucker

    In July 2015 By gaithrislife
    Summer..I love Stockholm during the summer, normally. This year? Not. So. Much.It’s been cold, rainy and yucky. Yet somehow I’ve still managed to enjoy.. Partying at outdoor clubs/sipping on cocktails on a terrace etc. You make the best of the situation. I’ve yet to buy disposable bbq’s and barbecue outside with friends. I’ve missed not […]
  • Life’s like a jumprope

    In July 2015 By gaithrislife
    Life.I know always say this, but man. Life is a whirlwind. For better or worse. My life is a whirlwind. I have good days and bad days. I party with my friends, dream about tropical islands to sip cocktails on under palm trees, where I want my life to go etc. I have to say, I […]