New tattoo: L;fe

Published on: 24 August 2016
By gaithrislife
Hi friends! 
How are you all? I am good, but tired. Man, I can really sense that fall is approaching. My whole mood just shifts. In general I feel more tirad and lethargic, but I do really like the fall. The color shift of the leaves, the crisp air etc. Hot chocolate is the best part about fall and winter. Anyways I wanted to introduce you to my newest tattoo. It was in the making for about a year. The semicolon tattoos (;) became really popular last summer. I knew I wanted one, but instead of just getting a ; I wanted something more unique. That’s how I came up with L;fe, and quite frankly.. I love it. I got it done at my friends Tess’ place. Her boyfriend’s friend has a tattoo machine and tattoos his friends etc. It was way cheaper then going to a studio…. He will probably be my tattoo artist from now on :P. We enjoyed pizzas and soda and just chit chatted and laughed. Then we ended the evening by me getting inked. It’s on my left wrist and I really like it 🙂 People say once you get a tattoo you rarely stop at one, you keep wanting more. This is definitely true for my sake. #sorrymom Some people are really against tattoos, but for me they represent something. It’s my story with an important message and sometimes a reminder to myself. I love my tattoos (I now have three). I have a few more tattoo ideas that I want to get, but we’ll see when/where/if I get them.Hope you have a good rest of the week. 🙂xxxGaithri 

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