When Old Friends Reunite

Published on: 02 September 2016
By gaithrislife
Hi Friends!
I hope everyone is enjoying the marvellous summer weather here at the beginning of September!? Last weekend one of my oldest friends Katta (Katarina) was in town, visiting from Malmö. We met as wee little toddlers in daycare and we still keep in touch. Almost 22 years later. We enjoyed a home cooked dinner in my apartment on Friday, then went out to meet some of my friends at the tattoo fair K and I wanted to get a friendship tattoo, but it was too expensive so we didn’t. Unfortunately K and I both had pretty bad colds, we wanted a pretty calm evening so we ended up going to a bar and playing a few rounds of pool after the fairOn Saturday we bought home magnificent Thai Food from the street stall near my place. Holy Moly it was good! Afterwards we headed into town and met up with the same guys from the night before. . Sunday Katta was leaving so we ended up meeting on Söder and heading to Café String for their breakfast/brunch buffé which is just uh-mazing! All in all it was a great weekend! And I loved seeing Katta again. It’s hard to keep tabs and see each other as often as you would like when you live in different cities. So any time we get to see each other is a real treat. 
Bestie <3
Best brunch in town! 
Hope you guys will enjoy another marvellous weekend! I know I will. 🙂 
Talk soon! 

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