Life as a 24 year old

Published on: 17 October 2016
By gaithrislife
Hi Internet Friends!What’s hanging?Once again this space has been echoing with my absence, but sometimes life just gets hectic and busy and other things like blogging is not on the top of my priority list. I guess my motivation and inspiration has been lacking big time.So what has changed since you last heard from me? Well, for one I turned #twentyfour on Saturday, October 1st. Aging is something I feel very anxious about, especially in our society today where it often feels like people by the age of 20 need to have an established business, bought your own flat, a strict workout regime, travel the world (preferably flying first class), be in a steady relationship. Basically you need to have all your shit figured out before you’ve barely even started college, at least that’s what a lot of people want to portray through their various Social Media accounts. I don’t really care too much about those aspects, but there’s always pressure and responsibility that comes with aging and being an adult and that is what stresses me out. In reality I just want to live as a free spirit, a vagabond, a wanderlust. I have an aspiration to just travel, meet people and completely immerse myself in new cultures. Someday…. I was also anxious to turn 24 because of something that occured on my birthday last year, but I decided to not let that affect my day and bring me down. So what did I do? I started off by going to my hardresser @thehairbar in Mood Gallerian (the Mood gallery), a more high end shopping mall here in Stockholm. I got a trim, more layers put in, touched up my color and got orange-y highlights *insert picture below* 
My look on my #24th, I was also wearing blue 12 cm stilettos. 
A week after my Birthday, celebrating my BFF (Matilda’s) birthday. 
My colorist was just that, a colorful (in regards to his personality) lovely, charming man from London. I think he did an amazing job and I am still in love with how it looks. I’ve never done streaks before, which is funny as I’ve experimented quite a bit with my hair. I’ve been blonde(ish), reddish-brown, had an ombré/dip dye. I just wanted a new look for my Birthday and for some reason orange streaks just popped into my mind, it is fall after all. 
After my trip to the hairdresser I went back to my parents’ place where my grandparents and cousin were waiting. They had already eaten, so I had a quick lunch opened up my gifts then was stressing to get ready. I had planned an awesome dinner with my girls and made reservations three weeks (!) in advance, but the restaurant didn’t tell me until the day of that we all had to select a menu (containing 16 small dishes) that were all ridiculously expensive and just way too much food. So I annoyingly cancelled the reservation 30 minutes before, instead we ended up hitting up Vapiano – an Italian joint, which was much better. 
After dinner some of my girls dropped off and went home. The rest of us hit up a bar down the street, then ended up at a club where some of my other friends met us (that were not at the dinner) and we partied the night away. I also ended up hitting up an after party and came home at around 6 AM. So it was an awesome Birthday. 
The next evening I had an amazing dinner with my family. I could not have asked for a better Birthday, and I want to thank everybody for making it so special. 

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