10 things to do on a rainy day..

Published on: 02 August 2017
By gaithrislife
One of my favorite things in the world is when it’s raining. It’s so cozy –  hearing the drops spatter against the window, the smell of wet grass etc. Sometimes it can be boring to be stuck at home on a rainy day, so here are 10 of my favorite rainy day activities. In no particular order… …Ready?!   PS: All images are via Google/Pinterest. 1. 
Watch a series: I’ve become a bit of a series junkie recently. I’m the kind of person who once I find a series I like, I can watch it over and over again. Right now I’m re-watching Full House.  Other favorites include F.R.I.E.N.D.S, New Girl, O.I.T.N.B, Lost, Gilmore Girls, Modern Family, etc. 2. 
 Drink a nice cuppa: Tea is always a favorite. Not just when it’s raining, but during any cold, dark, gloomy day. There’s something cozy about making your favorite brew and sipping on it – maybe while watching your favorite series.  3. 
Read a book: Curling up under the covers with a hot cuppa and a book is not only cozy, but also very relaxing and zen. My current read is this one ↑ “The Universe Has Your Back”, By Gabbi Bernstein, as part of my journey of spiritual growth and self discovery.  So far I really like it and I do reccomend it. 4. 
Take a nice hot bath: A soothing bath with a candle, maybe some relaxing music, dimmed lights and a book. That’s all you need really.  5. 
 Drink a glass of wine (or two): This only applies if you are of legal age, obviously. In Sweden the legal age is 18, what is it in your country?  6. 
Take a nap: Nothing, and I mean nothing – beats a good nap. Try it, you’ll thank me later.  
Invite friends over: Have a gossip, have dinner, watch movies, eat ice-cream. Whatever your heart desires. Just surround yourself with your friends.  
Bake cupcakes: Or any condiments of your choice. 
Lie in bed and listen to the rain: One of my favorite things to do on a rainy day is to hear the spattering of the rain against the windows, rooftops etc. Coziness factor x 1 000 000. 
Cuddling: Find someone to cuddle with. Nothing measures up to a good cuddle, maybe you can even nap together. You know two birds, one stone sort of thing. 
These are some of the things that I enjoy during a rainy day. What are some of your favorite rainy day activities? 
Have a great (rainy) day wherever you are. 

4 Responses to “10 things to do on a rainy day..”

  1. There's nothing I love more than lying on the couch and watching a TV series when it's wet and horrible outside! Thanks for sharing, Leanne x

  2. Anonym says:

    It's raining here in Hong Kong.
    Now I want a cupcake. 🙂

  3. Sew What says:

    Yes to lying in bed and listening to the rain! I always do that. I love Full House too. I can't wait for season 3 of Fuller House.

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