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  • Babies, New Tattoo and Allergies

    In May 2018 By gaithrislife
    Scroll down for English..Trevlig fredag alla bloggläsare!Hoppas ni haft en bra vecka hitills. Min vecka har varit lugn och skön, förutom att jag i onsdags drabbades av extrem pollenallergi som sedan gick över i förkylning. Jag var sängliggandes i typ 1,5 dag helt utslagen, men nu är jag på fötterna igen… typ. En annan rolig grej som hänt är […]
  • Bleeding Out

    In April 2018 By gaithrislife
    Scroll down for English. Trevlig Torsdag alla. Hoppas ni haft en bra vecka hittills. Min har varit bra. Jag är dock fortfarande chockad över Aviciis död. Fy fan alltså. Stackare. Han var bara 28 år gammal, jag har läst rapporter om att han hade bett att få sakta ner och inte jobba så mycket, för […]
  • My Knee Injury, Surgery and Recovery – Part 1

    In August 2017 By gaithrislife
    Hi Internet Friends!! Hope everyone is having a nice summer, if you’re in the northern hemisphere of the world. Today is the PRIDE parade here in Stockholm   . Which means a massive celebration out on the streets. I on the other hand am just chilling at my parent’s place, I have been somewhat productive though. So that’s good. […]
  • 10 things to do on a rainy day..

    In August 2017 By gaithrislife
    One of my favorite things in the world is when it’s raining. It’s so cozy –  hearing the drops spatter against the window, the smell of wet grass etc. Sometimes it can be boring to be stuck at home on a rainy day, so here are 10 of my favorite rainy day activities. In no particular order… …Ready?!   […]
  • Wedding Preparations: Part I and summary of a Friday

    In December 2014 By gaithrislife
    So this past Friday (December 19th) I went to get my eyebrows done professionally for the first time. It wasn’t anything too extravagant, all she did was pluck and dye them. I am very happy with the result though. I was afraid the color would come out too dark, but it still looks really natural, which […]
  • December is here

    In December 2014 By gaithrislife
    So November has come and gone, and now December has rolled around, which means that the countdown ’til Christmas has commenced 😀 Every year I get SO excited for Christmas, despite me not being a Christian I still love everything about Christmas. The lights, food, the tree obviously, presents (although those are quite trivial), spending […]