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  • 25 Q’s: Get to know me

    In November 2016 By gaithrislife
    25 Get to Know Me Q’sHello friends of the Internet! How are ya’all doing? Had a good weekend? I have 🙂 On Friday my friend Noor, her cousin from Iran, my boyfriend Sebastian and I hit up this awesome underground burlesque bar in town. And last night S and I had a chill evening by hitting […]
  • Life as a 24 year old

    In October 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi Internet Friends!What’s hanging?Once again this space has been echoing with my absence, but sometimes life just gets hectic and busy and other things like blogging is not on the top of my priority list. I guess my motivation and inspiration has been lacking big time.So what has changed since you last heard from me? […]