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  • The Lifelong Struggle of Learning to Love Yourself

    In July 2018 By gaithrislife
    Scroll down for English.  Hej kära vänner! Hur mås det? Jag mår bra, fortsätter att njuta av denna fantastiska sommar vi har! En grej som jag funderat mycket över, framförallt nu på sommaren är den livslånga kampen av att känna sig bekväm i sin egna kropp. Kanske främst när man ska hänga på playan och […]
  • Babies, New Tattoo and Allergies

    In May 2018 By gaithrislife
    Scroll down for English..Trevlig fredag alla bloggläsare!Hoppas ni haft en bra vecka hitills. Min vecka har varit lugn och skön, förutom att jag i onsdags drabbades av extrem pollenallergi som sedan gick över i förkylning. Jag var sängliggandes i typ 1,5 dag helt utslagen, men nu är jag på fötterna igen… typ. En annan rolig grej som hänt är […]
  • Bleeding Out

    In April 2018 By gaithrislife
    Scroll down for English. Trevlig Torsdag alla. Hoppas ni haft en bra vecka hittills. Min har varit bra. Jag är dock fortfarande chockad över Aviciis död. Fy fan alltså. Stackare. Han var bara 28 år gammal, jag har läst rapporter om att han hade bett att få sakta ner och inte jobba så mycket, för […]
  • 10 things to do on a rainy day..

    In August 2017 By gaithrislife
    One of my favorite things in the world is when it’s raining. It’s so cozy –  hearing the drops spatter against the window, the smell of wet grass etc. Sometimes it can be boring to be stuck at home on a rainy day, so here are 10 of my favorite rainy day activities. In no particular order… …Ready?!   […]
  • Captivating Images in Old Town – Model for a day.

    In October 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi Internet Friends!So a few weeks ago my friend Ronny (whom I met in photography class) and I set off on a mission to take some awesome pictures in Gamla Stan (Old Town) here in Stockholm. I was the model and he the camera man. Might I say, even though I live in the Tweeting, […]
  • Life as a 24 year old

    In October 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi Internet Friends!What’s hanging?Once again this space has been echoing with my absence, but sometimes life just gets hectic and busy and other things like blogging is not on the top of my priority list. I guess my motivation and inspiration has been lacking big time.So what has changed since you last heard from me? […]
  • When Old Friends Reunite

    In September 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi Friends!I hope everyone is enjoying the marvellous summer weather here at the beginning of September!? Last weekend one of my oldest friends Katta (Katarina) was in town, visiting from Malmö. We met as wee little toddlers in daycare and we still keep in touch. Almost 22 years later. We enjoyed a home cooked dinner in my apartment […]
  • New tattoo: L;fe

    In August 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi friends! How are you all? I am good, but tired. Man, I can really sense that fall is approaching. My whole mood just shifts. In general I feel more tirad and lethargic, but I do really like the fall. The color shift of the leaves, the crisp air etc. Hot chocolate is the best part about […]
  • December is here

    In December 2014 By gaithrislife
    So November has come and gone, and now December has rolled around, which means that the countdown ’til Christmas has commenced 😀 Every year I get SO excited for Christmas, despite me not being a Christian I still love everything about Christmas. The lights, food, the tree obviously, presents (although those are quite trivial), spending […]
  • Isn’t he lovely?

    In November 2014 By gaithrislife
    On Saturday – November 15th 2014, one of my best friends from High School welcomed a beautiful baby boy to this world. I got to see him and hold him for the first time today (Thursday, November 20th 2014). He’s one of the cutest, most adorable little babies I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I […]