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  • Babies, New Tattoo and Allergies

    In May 2018 By gaithrislife
    Scroll down for English..Trevlig fredag alla bloggläsare!Hoppas ni haft en bra vecka hitills. Min vecka har varit lugn och skön, förutom att jag i onsdags drabbades av extrem pollenallergi som sedan gick över i förkylning. Jag var sängliggandes i typ 1,5 dag helt utslagen, men nu är jag på fötterna igen… typ. En annan rolig grej som hänt är […]
  • When Old Friends Reunite

    In September 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi Friends!I hope everyone is enjoying the marvellous summer weather here at the beginning of September!? Last weekend one of my oldest friends Katta (Katarina) was in town, visiting from Malmö. We met as wee little toddlers in daycare and we still keep in touch. Almost 22 years later. We enjoyed a home cooked dinner in my apartment […]
  • New tattoo: L;fe

    In August 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi friends! How are you all? I am good, but tired. Man, I can really sense that fall is approaching. My whole mood just shifts. In general I feel more tirad and lethargic, but I do really like the fall. The color shift of the leaves, the crisp air etc. Hot chocolate is the best part about […]