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  • A weekend in Ludvika

    In January 2019 By gaithrislife
    En helg i Ludvika Scroll down for English. (I wrote this back in September and completely forgot to Publish…. also happy 2019!) För några veckor sedan var jag i Ludvika och hälsade på min gymnasiekompis Elin och hennes fästman. Det var så skönt att få lite miljöombyte. Få komma bort från storstadsruschen. Ludvika ligger i Dalarna och […]
  • My Birthday Wishlist

    In September 2018 By gaithrislife
    Scroll down for English Om ca en månad fyller jag år, 26 närmare bestämt. De senaste åren har min födelsedag varit ett ganska stort ångestmoment för mig, men i år tänker jag se det som någonting positivt. Här är min önskelista för i år (har nog inte skrivit en önskelista sedan mina tonår…) HAHA.   […]
  • Happy Birthday Mom!

    In July 2017 By gaithrislife
    Happy Birthday Mom!     Hi Internet Friends! Today is not just a regular Monday on my end, today is my mom’s Birthday, and it’s not just any Birthday she is turning 52. It’s been a calm and quiet day, I’ve been trying to push for dinner because I love a good excuse to dress up and stuff, but no […]
  • #2016RECAP part: 1

    In February 2017 By gaithrislife
    Hi Friends!How are you guys?! I can’t believe it’s already 2017?! WTF?! I know this post is somewhat delayed, ehm….. hello! It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow… 2016 was probably the most eventful year of my life, ever. It’s crazy how much your life can change and evolve in just 365 days. I decided to recap 2016 in three […]
  • High fiving Coldplay!

    In August 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi friends! How is everyone? Good I hope! 🙂 This post, as the title inidicates is all about my experience seeing Coldplay play live in concert in Stockholm for the third time. To those of you who know me personally knows that Coldplay is more then just a band to me, their music has impacted me and effected my […]
  • Summer lovin’

    In August 2016 By gaithrislife
    Good evening/night/morning/afternoon! Long time no see! How’s life? Things are great on my end, even though life sometimes doesn’t turn out the way you expect it/want it to. I have enjoyed a few weeks off during the summer, hanging out with my girl friends, God I love them so friggin’ much! Things in general have been busy, […]
  • Countdown has begun!

    In March 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi Friends!Hope you’re all great on this gloriously sunny day! The sun really makes a huge difference for my mood. One of my favourite times of the year is when the sun starts shining after a long weekend, but you can still sense a slight chill and crispness in the air. It means spring is […]
  • Spring Hair Inspiration

    In March 2016 By gaithrislife
    So I’m a person who likes to experiment with my hair. I’ve had a variety of colours and shades. Nothing crazy like pink, green, purple etc but I’ve had reddish-brown, blondish and an ombré with reddish-brown with orangey tones at the bottom. I loved all of them, but more recently I’ve fallen in love with […]
  • Ellie Goulding, Birthday and First Vacay Together

    In March 2016 By gaithrislife
    Good morning friends!How you doin’?! *F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference*How have you guys been? I’ve been ok, busy as usual which is something that I really enjoy. I wasn’t feeling super awesome this morning so I called in sick from work.., but I’ll be back tomorrow.Since we spoke last a lot of things have happened. On Thursday the […]
  • The most epic Valentines day ever!

    In February 2016 By gaithrislife
    Hi friends! I realise that this post is way, WAY overdue. I’m sowwy.It’s been over a week since Valentines day came and went. For me Valentines isn’t super special, but it’s nice to celebrate with your special someone (or friends/family).The day started off with my love making me an amazing brunch with banana pancakes topped with […]