Google Listings

Do you have a business but don’t know how to list it on Google? A Google listing is the box that appears when you Google a business, like a restaurant etc. It appears on the very top before your website etc. This is a quick and easy way for your potential clients to find and contact you. They can contact you straight via the listing and don’t have to access your website/Facebook page to reach you. Get help to “claim” your business on Google! This will allow your clients to instantly find vital information such as:
  • Contact Information.
  • Opening Hours.
  • Website URL.
This will simplify things for you and your clients. Price: 1000 SEK. 100 EUR. 114 USD*.

Google Listings + SEO/Marketing

Like mentioned above, claiming your business on Google simplifies things for both you and your customer. That’s just one small aspect of growing your business though. Having a website that is well optimized is crucial in order for your customers to find your business. Ranking on relevant search words etc. If you’d rather combine your Google Listing with a great marketing campaign this can also be done. You will receive a beautiful campaign for your desired platform, marketing the service(s) of your desire. Price: 3500 SEK 350 EUR 398 USD*. (The price does not include the cost for any eventual paid marketing PPC on Facebook/Google).

Google Listings + SEO + Marketing.

Do you feel completely lost in the IT jungle? No problem, you can easily give your website/business a boost. You will get everything you need to easily attract clients/customers to your business. Get this package for an awesome deal that you will not find anywhere else! Price: 5000 SEK 500 EUR 570 USD*.  * The prices are a one time cost for a one time service.