Social Media Manager

In today’s digital age, having a website to market your products/services is vital!
Having Social Media platforms to communicate with your target audience/clients is just as, if not more important. However with technology constantly changing and progressing and new methods of utilizing your Social Media platforms to maximum effect, it can be tricky to stay up to date.

That’s where I come in!

Handling your Social Media (you need to post multiple times a day to market effectively!), is often time-consuming and hard work. It’s not just about posting a few updates and hoping for the best, like everything else it requires hard work, research and knowledge.
As a Social Media Manager, I can manage all of your platforms – including LinkedIn.
So what does managing Social Media platforms entail?
  • Keyword Research to rank on the best words in your niche.
  • Create the post (and make sure it’s SEO optimized).
  • Post to your platform(s) of choice. This could include information about a campaign you’re running, or just share exciting news. Anything that you want your followers to know really!
  • Engage with your followers – responding to comments, messages, questions.
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