What I do

Have you ever seen an ad at the top of Google’s page/search engine while doing a search? This is an example of Online Marketing.
Social Media has a lot of power in our lives today, and therefore many larger corporations and companies turn to Social Media/Influencers to promote their products and services. In today’s society, it’s more common to see ads/sponsored posts on Instagram, YouTube and various blogs (to name a few), this is an example of Social Media Marketing. Are you looking to step up your marketing game? I can help you with this! I have over three years experience in the industry. I have learned (and keep learning) everything I know from working and doing research to always stay up to speed! Regardless if you’re a company/organisation or just an individual looking to market your product or services, we should work together! Your location or industry (for the most part) is not of importance to me.

How I work in Social Media Marketing:

After consulting with you and deciphering what your goals and ambitions are, who you want to target with your marketing etc, I will:
  • Do a thorough keyword research in Google’s Adwords & Keyword Planner tool. 
  • Put together a Google Ad (according to your budget) and make sure it goes live!
  • Manage your Social Media Platforms – like a Facebook/Instagram business page, Pinterest and YouTube (respond to comments, update description box etc).
  • Create Facebook Ads.